About the Festival


This unique festival is an on-going celebration of Hawaiian culture, art, history, language, and relationship to all natural things in the Hawaiian Environment. Read what Lee Cataluna of The Honolulu Advertiser had to say in her in-depth article on October 10, 2004: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2004/Oct/10/ln/ln45plee.html.

E Ho `i Mai I Ka Piko Hula Week in Hawai`i begins on the Sunday before the festival with the Ho`olana Hula Workshop that is a requirement for all participants who have been invited to share their love of hula and come together in a spirit of OHANA.

This venue offers an opportunity to sharpen one's skills, ask questions, learn the E Ho `i Mai Chant that will open the ceremonies and to share a specially prepared Polynesian meal. We strive for achievement in hula and, although this is a competition and awards are given, we stress the sharing of ALOHA internationally. Throughout the year, there are workshops and field trips offered to the general public on topics specific to Hawaiian life and culture. They are designed to involve participants in hands-on experiences that are fun as well as enlightening.

Photos by Pete Bostwick, David Elliott, Bobby Rawlins & Associates
Keoni Hays, Joe Olivos

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