These are challenging economic times for the entire world and as we are an organization that is deeply in touch with the world through our educational and cultural programs and our unique World Invitational Hula Festival, we are heartened by the fact that those from afar have made the time to raise funds necessary to join us here in Hawai'i each November.  We too are constantly seeking out the necessary support for our endeavors.
    We, here in Hawai'i have done everything possible to raise local funding to cover the costs of producing this event.  We are a tax exempt organization, 501(c)(3).  Contributions to World Invitational Hula Festival are tax deductible in the United States in accordance with the tax code.  We have been blessed with support from those who recognize the fact that we have brought a great deal of money into our local economy and have been succesful in spreading information about Hawai'i and our unique culture throughout the world.  This has been a boon to our tourist industry as well in these difficult times.
    We need to have a festival of the highest quality and are asking for your kokua (help) in supporting our endeavor, now in it's 18th year.  We are expanding in new areas as well and will be having a special production in Japan in 2010and another in France in 2012 that will include other aspects of "Hawaiiana".  This is a challenge that we are prepared for but need support. We need your support now for this year's festival so that our planned future will become a reality that will benefit Hawai'i and the world.

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Photos by Pete Bostwick, David Elliott, Bobby Rawlins & Associates
Keoni Hays, Joe Olivos

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